Why Plunge?

  1. Weather is always great.
  2. T-shirts are Awesome!
  3. Impress your friends.
  4. It builds character.
  5. Add interest to your resume.
  6. Huge Rewards—supporting the programs that help people in our community.
  7. Superb Selfie Opportunity.
  8. Test your personal limits—mind and body.
  9. Invitation to the “That’s a Wrap” After-Party on Sunday, Jan 19th at 1 PM with awards and discounted food and drinks at Birchwood Char House
  10. Your Parents would be Proud of You!

(Oh, and the prizes too. . .)

Hackensack Area Fire & Rescue Department and Faith in Action for Cass County are local volunteer programs that help people in the Hackensack Lakes area regardless of age, income, race or ethnicity. We are here to help when people need it. Take the Plunge or Sponsor a Team and support these volunteer programs.


A chance to win:
1) Bluegrass Music Festival Tickets
2) Walker Country Inn Swim Tickets
3) Bear Pause – VIP Passes & Free Admission
4) Domino Pizza Certificates
5) Total Image Certificates
6) Flair for Hair Certificates
7) Rachele Wales – Massage Certificate
And many more!!!

Prizes Awarded to:

  • Individual or Team Who Raises the Most Money
  • Individual and Team with Best Costumes
  • Youngest Jumper
  • Oldest Jumper
  • 3+ Generation Jumpers